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Are you tired of winging it?

Looking for a true and complete system?

Would you like to advance your sales, skills, and techniques?

The DotSpot will become your link to a complete, proven and duplicatable system for sales and success.

Improve your personal performance, focus, self discipline, and results by mastering the activities that promote production.

A truly organized, exciting site with four key components to help you work less and make more.


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Tools and benefits include:

The ultimate web-based database system to keep you connected to your prospects, customers and team. Simple to use!


Weekly posts will provide motivation, encouragement and techniques to increase sales and recruiting results.


Stay in touch by sending in questions, comments or testimonials. Archived questions and answers will be available anytime for you!


Take your sales skills to a whole new level with audio training segments. Learn fact-finding techniques, advanced phone skills, plus much more.