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Please enjoy the testimonials from these leaders who are focused on the right activity, committed to the process, consistent, and are experiencing great success in their business. I hope you will send in your own personal testimonials so we can all celebrate your success together!


"Champions don't necessarily do the things they want to, they do them because they are necessary for success."



"I just wanted to share with you that the coaching calls you did with our participating team members the past two months have helped us so much! Everyone that has followed your system for success by tracking their business and perfecting their verbiage with your proven telephone flashcards is seeing an increase in sales and sponsoring. One girl was stuck and had been having trouble booking anything. She had even looked into going to a different company and quitting! Now she has 8 parties this month and already has a full calendar next month! She is a rising star now! Thank you so much for helping us take the emotion out of calling and seeing the people and just following a proven system of dialing and "asking". --Lori Funk, Missouri



"Patrice is a master and I urge any of you wanting to do this business to hook into this training. I rarely recommend things I merely pass them on, this is worthwhile !!!" --Donna Carter, Australia





"After 15 years in Arbonne, I have always believed "school is never out for the pro". Especially when "school" is taught by Patrice Matteson. I used the techniques that I learned the day after taking Patrice's class. I was able to turn a "no thanks", to send me some samples! All I did was ask "May I ask you one more question!" The system Patrice teaches is a must for all consultants who want to take this business to the top!" --Donna Weiser, California



"My Motto is "Your Mouth is Your Office Keep it Open All the Time". Are you afraid to open your mouth because you don't know what to say or how to say it? Patrice Matteson has the missing link with her Step by Step Success System teaching us how to connect the dots of mastering the phone and learning specific verbage to help move our business forward! I believe this is the missing link and I am excited about the results I'm seeing with my team mastering this system. Thank you Patrice this is brilliant!" --Linda Loveless, Kansas City



"Patrice Matteson has perfected a simple system that will take the "fear" out of making calls to ask for appointments. It's so simple, it's hard to believe!" --Donna Johnson, Arizona



"Using your FANTASTIC phone techniques (not only on the phone, but in EVERY aspect of my conversations with others) I made Regional Vice President in just 4 months and received my own beautiful, white Mercedes Benz! I have encouraged my team to do the same and apply your incredible techniques! ! I'm a teacher, married with three children. Thanks! You are the missing link!" --Dinah Williams, Australia



"Your system and presentation always resonates with me when I hear it. So today, I'm writing to say THANK YOU for your simple and VERY effective training on how to do sales calls. In 3 days of calling, I have booked 8 appointments!!!!! I have had two "no's" but when I ask them that "one quick question", they have booked with me! I'M ON THAT HONEYMOON of processes!! Ha! ... Thank you for your teachings, Patrice. THEY JUST SIMPLY WORK!!!" --Pauline Houlahan, Canada



"I have to share some fantastic news with you because your training and inspiration are critical to the accomplishment! Last night, my team did 1st step Region! I've been sitting at Area Manager for 4 years, but recently decided I and my team deserved more. Hence, my contacting you to finally participate in the boot camp....I could not get there without more discipline, systems and accountability." --Suzy Fallon, Wisconsin



"I want to tell you how excited I am since we have been training. My District Manager and I have seen our paychecks triple since the first of the year. I have sponsored 11 preferred clients and 5 business builders! I know what I am doing and I have a system that works! I am so encouraged that I am going to reach my goals this year! Thank you so much for your help!" --Tommie Hoffman, Arkansas



"if you are feeling like you need coaching and help in the activity camp, I REALLY recommend Patrice. Honestly, she is a lovely person and fantastic trainer, and brings this business of activity down to a science. She also has phenomenal verbiage that she has tested. Being a former research gal, I am all over research and all of the training (activity and verbiage) has been tested and she has chosen the verbiage and activity, based on research, that translates to the best possible results." --Cindy Garmaise, Canada



"This training, especially as a new consultant, is invaluable! This is sales training 101 and is critical for new people and seasoned salespeople alike. I really like how the system has been designed to complete the exercises, fill in the answers, and take the quiz as you watch the training, as it really reinforces what Patrice is teaching. The Consultant Calendar and Activity Tracker are TREMENDOUS. I have used many different time management / tracking systems over time, and this one is perfect for this business as it really forces you to focus on Income Producing Activities (Love IPA!) and having no "Zero Days" (Brilliant!). I love the Telephone Flashcards too!" --Veronica Mollica. Connecticut